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Paul Rigby

Microsoft Certifications


Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Information Security Analyst at Virgincare

October 30, 2018, Mark worked with Paul in different groups

I have known and worked with Paul for over 18 months at The Ombudsman Service and always found Paul to be professional, diligent and skilled at what he does whether that be working on a project or on day-to-day BAU support. He has continued his professional development with Microsoft Azure qualifications in the time I have known him and proven to be very knowledgeable and helpful, always willing to “go the extra mile” while working on a project or helping colleagues. Paul is conscientious in what he does, and with a sense of humour, is a good team player and an asset to a team.

Declan Turner

Declan Turner

Junior Systems Engineer at Ombudsman Services

October 26, 2018, Declan worked with Paul in different groups

A foundation of hard work supported by mounds of dedication and determination posits the question of failure. 
Working with Paul for over a year has shown me that he will continually accept that challenge, meeting it head on with a fervent capability for success.
Paul is an all-round pleasure to work with and exemplar IT professional.

Amelia Cairns

Amelia Cairns

2nd Line IT Helpdesk Support at Ombudsman Services

October 26, 2018, Amelia worked with Paul in different groups

Paul is a very hard working, capable IT professional. He is an absolute pleasure to work with – always happy to help and give advice/deliver training (shift left). Extremely knowledgeable and delivers quality work with a big, beaming smile.

Scott Brace

Scott Brace

1st Line IT Helpdesk Support Analyst at Ombudsman Services

October 26, 2018, Scott worked with Paul in different groups

Paul Rigby is a fantastic Systems engineer who has real passion in his role. He consistently goes above and beyond to get jobs done.

Craig Heath

Infrastructure Architect and Consultant

October 26, 2018, Paul worked with Craig in the same group

I have worked with Paul for over 6 months and have always found him to be dedicated and enthusiastic about his work and approaches evertything with a “can do” attitude. He is always willing to put the extra effort in and provide value and quality on his project work.

Declan Conroy

Declan Conroy

Director at HKLM Limited. Currently looking for interesting opportunities in Azure.

October 25, 2018, Paul worked with Declan in the same group

I’ve worked with Paul at the Ombudsman Services for the past six months, and I’ve been very impressed with his range and depth of technical knowledge.

On my first day, I was told to “Be like Paul”

I’ve never seen any body type so fast.

Greg Sikorski

Greg Sikorski

Technical Director @ Polymorph Ltd. 1st Class Bsc (Hons) Computer Science

May 4, 2017, Greg was senior to Paul but didn’t manage directly

I worked with Paul for a number of years on a variety of Infrastructure projects. He is a thorough and detail orientated infrastructure specialist and always eager to pick up new technologies.
He possesses a passion for technology which shines through to his day job and he isn’t afraid to jump right in to a new system/environment and get his hands dirty.
In addition to his technical work, Paul produced quality documentation, worked well within teams / with project managers and is well liked and respected within the business.

Ron Smeeth

March 9, 2017, Ron was a client of Paul’s

Paul is always professional in his approach and is very detail orientated. When called upon to resolve IT issues for me Paul will always supply the resolution in a speedy fashion.

Julian Wetherall

Julian Wetherall

Non Exec Director

March 8, 2017, Julian was a client of Paul’s

Paul has been our main contact over the last few years and I can’t recommend him highly enough, very supportive guy with a can do attitude.

Adrian Girling

Adrian Girling

Head of I.T. and Software Development

March 8, 2017, Adrian was a client of Paul’s

It was always a pleasure work with Paul. His technical abilities were an asset to our company and his willingness to go beyond the call of duty helped us avoid painful downtime on a number of occasions. An amiable personality, Paul easily become an integral (and popular) part of our team and his conscientious attitude meant that his work was always complete and to a high standard.

Colette Byrne

Colette Byrne

CAFOD staff and volunteer. Volunteer and Home Partner at Housing People, Building Communities

August 5, 2015, Colette worked with Paul but at different companies

I worked with Paul at Marie Curie where he provided IT support for me and my team. Paul is highly professional, and thorough in his approach to issues, responding promptly and resolving problems efficiently. On many occasions, Paul has gone above and beyond to help me, and that is really appreciated in a hectic fundraising office. Paul is extremely knowledgeable in his field, I know I could rely on his expertise for any technical advice. It was a pleasure to work with Paul, and I’d be delighted to have his IT support again in the future!

Liam Capener

Liam Capener

Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Ivanti

April 9, 2015, Paul worked with Liam in the same group

I worked with Paul at Calyx between 2008 and 2014, Paul has always maintained a high level of work ethic and displayed on many occasions his excellent technical knowledge. Paul would be an asset to any company he works for. He delivered many projects while I was at Calyx and they were always on time and at a high standard. Whether he was working alone or as a member of a team Paul would always produce a high standard of work. Paul has in-depth knowledge of all Microsoft Technologies and demonstrated this knowledge on many occasions while at Calyx
I would recommend Paul to any company looking for a highly skilled Infrastructure Consultant

Angela Bird

Angela Bird

Technical Architect at Conde Nast International

April 28, 2014, Angela was senior to Paul but didn’t manage directly

I worked with Paul while he was working for Calyx Managed Services. Paul was always willing to help with any infrastructure queries which came up and I found him to be very professional and consciencious with all the work that he did. Paul is very hard working and would go the extra mile to get an issue resolved. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Paul.

Habib Khan

Habib Khan

SQL Server Specialist

December 2, 2013, Habib worked with Paul in different groups

Paul is a very polite,friendly, hard working,enthusiastic person who was always helpful and open to assisting others.
He was easy to communicate with and always professional conducting his work, and he was competent at his job whilst working as a 3rd Line engineer.
I wish Paul the very best for the future.

Dave Lamond

Dave Lamond

Infrastructure Engineer at ISN / Clear Channel

November 25, 2013, Dave worked with Paul in different groups

I worked with Paul on several projects at Calyx and his dedication and deep technical knowledge were critical factors in their success. As a 3rd line support he is proactive and often finds more efficient was of working by automating processes and by simplifying needless complexity. I thoroughly recommend him for 3rd line support and for projects.

Ian Johnston

Service Delivery Manager at Now Retired

November 18, 2013, Ian worked with Paul in different groups

Paul is a highly skilled Windows Engineer with good customer communication skills.

He is meticulous in his approach,quality of outcome focussed and willing to put in the hours to get the job done.

Stephen Jordan

Stephen Jordan

Senior Infrastructure Analyst at LTE group

November 16, 2013, Stephen managed Paul directly

I managed Paul for 2 years while at Calyx, he is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects and he is highly thought of in Calyx and by their customers.
I would recommend Paul as a hardworking and knowledgeable 3rd line engineer.

Windows Server 2016 Editions

Windows Server 2016 is essentially available in three versions

  1. Windows Server 2016 Essentials
  2. Windows Server 2016 Standard
  3. Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

The foundation edition in Windows Server 2012 is no longer available.



Essentials edition is ideal for small businesses with basic requirements. Businesses who have a very small or even no IT support.

Virtualisation Rights

Essentials don’t come with any virtualisation rights. You are licensed to one installation (virtual or physical)


Essentials edition is licensed based on CPU.  CAL’s are not required but the license is limited to 25 users / 50 devices.


There is a limit of 64 GB RAM and a maximum of 2 x CPU



Standard Edition is for companies which require more features and have a lesser requirement for virtualisation.

Virtualisation Rights

With Standard Edition you can run 2 x Virtual Machines


Standard licensing differs from Essentials. You are required to license based on the number of cores in the server. In addition, you need to purchase CALs (user or device) for each endpoint connecting.


With Standard Edition, there is a limit of 24 TB RAM. There is a limit of 512 Cores (Remember, you are required to license the cores).


Standard has the following features, also available in Datacenter but not available in Essentials.

  • Core Functionality
  • Hyper-V Containers
  • Windows Server Containers
  • Host Guardian Service
  • Nano Server



Datacenter Edition is ideal for companies with a high requirement on IT for their workloads and especially with a large number of virtual systems. 

Virtualisation Rights

Datacenter Edition allows you to run unlimited virtual machines and Hyper-V containers. It is usually more cost effective than purchasing the relevant number of Standard Edition for the virtual machines required. If you are running a hypervisor other than Hyper-V, chances are you have Datacenter license.


As per Standard Edition, you are required to license based on the number of cores in the server. In addition, you need to purchase CALs (user or device) for each endpoint connecting.


Datacenter  has the same limits as Standard Edition, there is a limit of 24 TB RAM. There is a also a limit of 512 Cores (Remember, you are required to license the cores).


Datacenter has the following additional features, not available in Essentials or Standard.

  • Storage Features (Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica etc.)
  • Shielded Virtual Machines
  • Networking Stack

Windows Server 2016 Installation Requirements

The minimum requirements according to Microsoft to install Windows Server 2016 are as follows:


  • Compatible with x64 instruction set
  • Supports NX and DEP
  • Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, and PrefetchW
  • Supports Second Level Address Translation (EPT or NPT)

Core Info is a useful tool you can use to check the capabilities of your CPU 



The following are the estimated RAM requirements for Windows Server 2016

  • 512 MB (2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option)
  • ECC (Error Correcting Code) type or similar technology

If you try to create a VM with 1 processor and 512 MB RAM, the setup will fail. You should allocate more than 800 MB to the VM. Once setup has completed, you can scale back to 512 MB RAM.


The storage adapter must be compliant with the PCI Express architecture. Persistant storage must not be PATA and Windows Server 2016 does not allow ATA/PATA/IDE/EIDE for boot, page or drives.

The minimum disk space required for the system is 32 GB although I’d recommend more, especially with Windows Updates.

If you are installing Windows Server Core, Core installation is 4 GB smaller than Windows Server with the GUI.


The minimum network adaptor requirements are:

  • An Ethernet adaptor capable of at least gigabit throughput
  • Compliant with the PCI Express architecture specification
  • Supports Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE)

Other Requirements

You obviously will need something to install the media, whether this be DVD, USB Storage, PXE etc.

The following are not strictly required but may be necessary for certain features and functionality.

  • UEFI 2.3.1c – Required if you want to make use of Secure Boot
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) – Stores the RSA encryption for hardware authentication
  • Graphic Device and Monitor (1024×768) or higher – Required for initial installation.
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Internet Access – Updates, Activation etc.

For further details on the system requirements, please see the following site.